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Bringing a renewed contemporary vibe to your home, this unique 10-inch deep butterfly equal double-bowl corner sink is handcrafted with full-weight 16-gauge Type 304 stainless steel, the same material used for commercial kitchen equipment. The mindful construction of the reserved radius corners adopts the same modern design scheme as zero-radius sinks, while maintaining approachable soft edges that facilitate easy cleaning like a traditional sink.The two identical 16x14-inch bowls are configured with a 90-degree angle, to be set symmetrically on a large corner sink base, making a bold statement of distinguished style. With the faucet located between the two bowls, the sink offers ample counter space and convenient access from both sides of the L-shaped counter.

Handcrafted 46 in 16-gauge Undermount Equal Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

SKU: NCU 3333-1010-BF
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Handcrafted with premium Type 304 stainless steel

    • 16 gauge, luxuriously heavy-duty for residential sinks

    • 10-inch deep butterfly equal double bowls configured with 90-degree angle, 16x14 inches inside dimension

    • Mindful 3/8-inch reserved radius corners, facilitating easy cleaning

    • Fine-grain brushed matte finish

    • Sound and condensation absorbent coating and padding

    • Mounting hardware included

    • Drain openings: 3-1/2 inches diameter

    • Drain placement: offset towards rear

    • Lifetime limited warranty

    • Recommended cabinet size: 36x36 inches (corner base)

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