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Providing a simple solution for kitchen multitasking, this 33-inch wide 10-inch deep handcrafted double-bowl stainless steel sink is set up in a classic 50-50 configuration and serves as a prep center that allows a lot to be done around the sink while keeping the counter tidy. The bold 45-degree bevelled rim and stepped decks form separate tracks, on which the low profile stainless steel colander and rubber wood cutting board ride smoothly; the cutting board can slide underneath the colander when it's not immediately in use. The intricate lines and geometric shapes of the sink create dazzling reflections on the sink surface, while the arched apron front adds some urban rusticness to the contemporary design. With its beauty and added convenience and efficiency, this prep center is an instant choice for your dream kitchen.

Handcrafted 33-inch Arched Apron Front Equal Double Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

SKU: 3D 3322-99-AP-1
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Handcrafted with full-weight 18-gauge premium Type 304 stainless steel

    • 10-inch deep 50-50 double bowls; each bowl is 14-5/16  x 16-1/4 inches (inside dimension)

    • 9-inch farmhouse style arched apron front

    • Bold 45-degree bevelled rim and stepped decks

    • Double-sloped turn between bottom and wall of bowls

    • Sophisticated lines and shapes create beautiful reflections

    • Companion low profile stainless steel colander and rubber wood cutting board

    • Fine-grain brushed matte finish, lustrous yet scratch resistant

    • Sound and condensation absorbent coating and padding

    • Mounting hardware included

    • Drain openings: 3-1/2 inches diameter

    • Drain placement: offset towards rear

    • Lifetime limited warranty

    • Recommended cabinet size: 33 inches

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